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Lawlab was founded in 1899 and rebranded in 2004
Successful transactions have been handled by lawlab
Worth of transactions managed across Australia
Lawlab proudly supports regional communities with $30,000 annually

About us

We are lawlab, founded in 1899 lawlab was re-branded in 2004 by the current Directors Ian Perkins and Richard Bootle and crafted into a nation-wide property law firm.

We are renowned as being industry leading innovaters and for delivering an exceptional standard of customer service. Lawlab have transformed conveyancing with a streamlined and secure digital service that manages property deals smarter, more efficiently and with less hassle.

Lawlab recognises that to be successful you must put your customers at the heart of what you do. The lawlab team consistently demonstrate their key values of trust, transparency and security in what can be the most important transaction of their clients’ life. The lawlab team are very proud of their consistent, high quality feedback provided by our clients through Facebook and Google.

Why choose us?

Our streamlined digital service is designed to save you time and reduce stress across many different aspects of a property transaction. Stay in the loop with transparent 24/7 access to documents, updates and messages with all communications delivered straight to your mobile device.

Collaborate with us on our platform, Rundl. Rundl enables us to manage your property transaction faster and more efficiently by co-ordinating all parties and aspects of your property transaction in a secure online space.

Our friendly team of legal advisers are not only experienced in property law, but they are also trained to be customer service focused in all their dealings with partners and clients – a unique approach within the legal industry which we pride ourselves on and that leaves our partners and clients in safe hands. Our success and reputation is not only promised, it’s proven, with over 40,000 property transactions completed in each state and territory in Australia and consistently positive reviews provided by our valued clients and partners.