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A new VOI regime started in Victoria

A new VOI regime started in Victoria on 9 November 2015. This regime aligns all conveyancing transactions in Victoria with the VOI requirements for e-settlements. This means …

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New Tech Partnership to Revolutionise Property Transactions Regional agent transforms business with technology A NSW agent has found a way to eradicate ‘gazumping’, where a …

Why conveyancing firms need a digital strategy

Buying or selling a property is never an easy task; after all it involves numerous activities and legal tasks that not every individual is aware of. A potential seller will always desire to get great deal for his house while the potential buyer would be looking out for nothing but a lucrative property deal to invest into and both of these parties are in dire need of a specialist that commands an expertise on handling such deals.

Guide to Online Marketing for Conveyancing Firms in 2015

In the age of technological advancement in web media **conveyancing** firms are somewhat lagging behind when it comes to adopting digital **marketing** for the promotion their services. Herein are some approaches that conveyancers should look to in order to widen the scope of prospective clients.