Case study

EkkoPoint Properties

Business overview

In 2014, EkkoPoint Properties, began using Lawlab – a specialist legal service provider that helps manage property deals with ease, speed and confidence.

EkkoPoint General Manager, Brad Beh says Lawlab’s professional approach and cutting edge software has assisted their boutique property development business implement new processes that have allowed further growth by increasing efficiencies in the business.

“With Lawlab our EOIs and sales are processed faster than ever. Lawlab’s impressive portfolio of services allows my team to be kept up to date in real time on every sale. We have access to documents, next steps and an activity feed of comments at our fingertips. We have been working with Lawlab for the past two years and will never look back!”

Brad who has 22 years’ experience in the property industry says traditional Law firms can take days or even weeks to print and courier large documents and charge developers extra fees. He says Lawlab is eradicating traditional communication barriers in the buying and selling process.

“Lawlab is breaking through the minefield of conveyancing – they’ve been an invaluable partner in our growth as a business.”

Success with lawlab

Challenges as a developer

As a developer Brad sees both sides of a property transaction and says issues that arise often stem from struggles with communication and understanding the developer’s role.

"I’ve been in the development industry since 1994 and have undertaken a number of roles from sales consultant to General Manager. What I’ve noticed as one of the biggest issues when engaging with solicitors is the way they assume we are agents when really we are the client.”

Brad outlined that with Lawlab this wasn’t the case. "From the word go Lawlab understood our business and the challenges surrounding communication and transparency that have to be overcome.”

Business growth

"We went from settling around 100 properties a year to 150 in 2015. For a boutique developer these results are quite significant. Without Lawlab this most certainly would not have been possible!"

Many of the larger organisations, Brad outlined, are still using antiquated processes and not shifting to modern, time-saving tools. He says customers and stakeholders, increasingly comment on the productivity of EkkoPoint, since partnering with Lawlab.

"People can’t believe we’re making so many sales with so little resources, compared to larger organisations. The ability to do what we’re doing and grow the business can only be done by aligning ourselves with experts like Lawlab. You manage the business with fewer resources. And now I’m working less hours than I was three or four years ago but doing 40-50% more in transactions!"

Saving time through a streamlined approach

Lawlab has propelled EkkoPoint ahead of its competitors by enabling them to save not just hours but days through their cutting-edge approach. “Lawlab is saving us at least to ten hours a week, each, through the innovative software tools available to us. Being able to see the status of any transaction in real time is more than useful – it’s a gamechanger!”

Collaboration is key

Brad said the key to Lawlab’s in-depth understanding of its clients comes from the importance placed on collaboration. He says he’s worked with other law firms in the past and no one has taken a collaborative approach like Lawlab.

Lawlab's top 3 features

Document sharing

The fact that you can upload/download documents and there's a conversation history you can follow has been critical to changing the way conveyancing is traditionally done.


Getting documents signed and through is so important in the process. Rundl really helps from a communications tools perspective – allowing for transparency and a timely turnaround of all relevant documents.

Responsive and efficient property lawyers

lawlab have the 'right' property lawyers who communicate 24/7, providing us with information and keeping us in the loop. Continuing this standard of resourcing will be instrumental as the company grows.

As lawlab expands

Leading the way

“As Lawlab expands and builds on what’s already a cutting-edge service, they seek input from us, their clients. It’s this feedback that’s key to the service they offer that’s so in tune with what we need in the industry. It’s great that Lawlab is keen to work together – it’s collaboration at its best and why Lawlab really is leading the way in the entire conveyancing space!”

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