Case Study

Residz – Property Research Portal

Business overview

Residz (pronounced “resides”) launched a property information portal in mid-2021 which addresses a wide range of influential risk and lifestyle factors affecting home purchase decision-making. What Residz provides for the user is an ability to access information about any particular property which provide insights matching lifestyle and social preferences, not merely economically based attributes. This enables anyone interested in property the opportunity to change their key question from “where do I need to live” to “how do I want to live”.

Steve Walker is the GM – Strategy for Residz and understood early that in real estate there are a number of players in what is a rather complex process. Without the cooperation of the various players from agents to buyers, sellers, valuers, banks, and lawyers, then the complexity would lead to less-than-ideal outcomes.

Steve was introduced to lawlab's revolutionary Rundl software platform and was immediately impressed by its apparent simplicity while being comprehensive.

"Steve says that one of Residz value propositions is to have the whole purchase process more transparent for buyers and sellers, which Rundl absolutely provides, every step of the way. This can be from initial contract preparation to settling the sale.”

In addition to having a link from the Residz website to lawlab’s instant estimate calculator for legal costs, Steve had first-hand experience with Rundl when he used it for the sale of his holiday unit. "The whole experience was understandable, responsive, and made me feel I was in good hands”

Industry challenges


Steve was well aware that although the selling process is quite regulated, it remains complex, with many variables that can delay or risk losing the sale. Without having gone through this a number of times or being involved in the legal sector, this complexity is confusing, with most people not sure of either the number of steps, the order of steps, and where the transaction is at any point in time. They therefore are in a state of concern and confusion, not sure what they should do next.

The property purchasing system in Australia is one where there is a lack of communication and consistency between all the different parties. Everyone looks after their own part under the assumption that everyone else knows what else needs doing.


Steve says that clients are left with delays and sometimes even lost sales due to assumptions about who needs to do what and when. With Rundl however, the steps are clear in terms of order and responsibility, with it being very apparent as to where the process sits.

Consequently, the communication and information flows when managed in Rundl are much timelier, leaving little room for undue delays.


Across Australia, the statutory rules and obligations for real estate transacting vary from state to state. However, many transactions are between people from different states who need to know that the overall process is essentially the same: this is what Rundl does. It meets the requirements of state laws while following a well-known process path.

"With Residz, we also provide a country-wide view of real estate thereby needing to be consistent not only with our presentation of risk and lifestyle data, but also with clients who need legal assistance. Knowing lawlab’s experience across all states give us confidence that they will be given the same sound advice, no matter where they live or are buying.”

Of course, the open approach to fees and costs disclosure followed by lawlab also provides comfort to clients.

The lawlab advantage

Digital Enablement

Through his own and Residz lawlab experience so far, Steve is confident in strongly recommending lawlab to their rapidly growing user base.

"In line with modern digital transformation, Rundl minimises phone calls, facilitates online signing, and thereby makes the sale process easier and quicker."

Ease of use

By allowing all parties access to the flows and information in Rundl, it is easy to move through the process as and when required. The steps are all set out, as are the players in the process, with everyone knowing who needs to do what next.

"Communications come through in real time, with updates being both within Rundl and via email. The attached instructions are easily understood, readily allowing the ability to comply, and then move on to the next step.”

Steve said that where there were any anomalies that appeared, Rundl’s legal team were quick to cover and address those issues. This also occurred in the case where a staff member had to undertake a COVID test and isolate for a period of time. Again, this was quickly picked up by another lawlab team member.

New ways of working

Through lawlab Steve has been able to show clients an easy way of doing conveyancing. The first step for a client is to choose a conveyancer and with lawlab, Residz are able to do so for clients, confident that the service is excellent at a competitive price.

"As our user base grows across Australia and the demand for conveyancing services rises, Residz will be able to provide access to lawlab and Rundl with confidence in the service level provided."

Lawlab’s fixed price system also makes for easy budgeting on behalf of clients.

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